THE founder of the Christian Free Press has spoken out about the benefits of faith-based newspapers, magazines and media.
Duncan Williams has spent the last year studying Social Media and Digital Communications at Weymouth College to discover the how religious media can be a force of good in society.
Having been involved in publishing for many years, Duncan now wants to help others through his work, and has been giving talks on how religious publications can do just that.
He said: “Media can be extremely beneficial in helping people in all sorts of situations as it can provide an outlet for people to talk. Whether that’s in a traditional form of sending a letter or new digital media, it provides people with a platform to speak out and be heard.
“Theology and faith journalism has a place in the era of new media and helps paves a way out of a commercialised rat race.”
Duncan Williams, founder of Christian Free press.
Mr Williams argues that traditional forms of media can often have a “self-perpetuating” cycle of negativity or a “fixation on materialism” which can often leave people feeling isolated, disconnected, or inadequate.
His studies have shown that response to inspiration literature can be positive, with practical reports proving it can help people rebuilding their lives after battles “People suffering from war trauma and other forms of PTSD often develop problems with addiction, they drop out of society and too frequently fall foul of the law with addiction or depression.
It was when he was leading talks in hospitals and prisons that he first realised how writing can also help people to better express their feelings. He says faith literature can also be particularly beneficial for people suffering from mental health issues.
Mr Williams publishes several magazines and newspapers which are delivered in churches, prisons, and rehab centres across the country.
“My experience has been that by delivering beneficial newspaper and magazines through armed forces chaplaincies, a message of hope can be effectively offered and shared. Good communication is a great healer.”