Sunday, 22 June 2014

Press Gazette Prediction Proves Correct: Sorted Magazine Goes Down Under!

At the start of the year Press Gazette reported the remarkable circulation growth of Sorted magazine. Sorted is a men's lifestyle title published SCM Limited, a small British owned company based in Sussex. The feature contained a number of bold and ambitious announcements.

What grabbed the attention of the media industry was while other men's lifestyle brands were experiencing an overall readership slump, rivals like Nuts even facing closure, Sorted magazine was gaining subscriptions issue upon issue. This remains the trend, official ABC recorded statistics detailing Sorted's upward trajectory.

SCM's Director of Publishing, Duncan Williams, maintains; "the success of Sorted is due entirely to it's niche editorial and adherence to ethical content."

"We are the lad's mag with morals," smiles Williams. " A grown up, wholesome alternative to the tired old 'tissue mag' alternative that had once dominated the news shelves.

This policy has certainly won favour, particularly in the wake of the hacking scandal and a rapid change in public attitudes over acceptable standards of journalism.

Williams may well be smiling, as he himself was once a tabloid hack, earlier in his career working for the now notorious News of the World as an investigative freelancer.

"Although I was never personally involved in phone hacking," Williams is quick to point out, he does admit; "I was approached by Operation Weeting, and with some sober reflection, have to agree that techniques revealed as used by some journalists are clearly unacceptable. However, a large degree ofresponsibility must rest with the publishers and those at the top of media organisations. Journalists are frequently under huge pressure from directors and executives, people with power to shape editorial agendas, to find fresh exclusives. And a fish rots from the head down."

Following their success in the UK, Sorted announced in Press Gazette their plans to distribute down under in Australia before the close of the year. This has now happened and the current edition of Sorted magazine features a cover exclusive given by Russell Crowe, a man not usually shy with hostility when it comes to media hacks.

Crowe appears not only to have endorsed the Sorted brand but to be spearheading its launch in into the Antipodean market.

For a men's lifestyle title that heralds from Littlehampton in England, this is an impressive first step into another continent.

One that the international publishing community is sure to watch closely.


Duncan Williams will be attending the Marketing Week Live conference at the Olympia Grand, London - 25th - 26th June, 2014. He will be available to answer any questions from advertisers and media buyers.